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Luxury Cattery

Comfortable and purpose built accommodation for your cat

For your comfort, out cattery in Newcastle is built purposely with your cats well-fare, safety and pleasure is in mind, so you your cat gets the best treatment and care available.

It is a stressful time for you and your cat when you are both apart, however for your convenience we advise you to come and visit our accommodation before your cat is there for a longer period of time. This previous visit will put you both at ease, especially knowing how all the other residents are.

Our cat accommodation includes single and family pens for up to five cats, depending on whether your cat likes their own company or prefers being with others and is more dependable upon them. Besides this, at the Cattery in Newcastle we also provide 24 hour veterinary facilities as well as climbing frames and areas for your cat to enjoy.

Competitive on price and conveniently located

With affordable prices and the best care, not only will you feel at ease leaving your cat with us but your cat will have a pleasant time at our cat accommodation in Callerton, Newcastle. Call us on or contact numbers to hear extra information about our prices and location.

Contact Us

If you want to arrange a visit to the cattery then contact us on

07821 810 318 or 07931 358389.

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